Friday, August 21, 2009

Play Date!

A couple weeks ago, I took Talan & Trista over to my cousin and his lovely wife's house for a play date with their beautiful little girls, Annabelle and Maddie. Oh man - did they have fun!

Maddie and Talan are pretty close in age - Talan is 3 and Maddie will soon be 2. They drove little buggies and bikes all around the kitchen while Stacy and I held the little ones. We had such a wonderful time! Annabelle and Trista are close in age also. Annabelle is one month older than Trista, so I'm excited they will be able to grow up together!

Stacy and I had a wonderful time just chatting and talking about the kids. Their house was absolutely beautiful and we had a nice lunch and even some homemade chocolate chip cookies...YUM!

Here are some pictures of Talan & Maddie. We could only get a couple 'cause they were on the move constantly!

Here are Trista & Annabelle...I can already tell they are going to get in trouble together when they're older! They are way too cute!

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