Monday, May 18, 2009

Heart Children "God's Special Gifts"

When a heart child comes into the world the lives of many are forever changed
whether they knew before, after, or awhile after
to hear your child has a Congenital Heart Defect is hard to explain the fear, the worry, and faith often tested
strength may not always feel like enough
but proud parents they will always be
though they hoped was to have a healthy baby
one that can grow up without having set backs
one that when a child doesn't have to feel different or fear a thing
one that when a teenager doesn't have any limitations
one that when an adult doesn't have to have worry about the unknown
A parent of a child with a broken heart
comes to have a broken heart too
a heart not physically broken
but one that aches for their beautiful child
a child given to them from Goda child who came with a message
a child given as a precious, fragile gift
a child that will impact and inspire many
The odds are against them
the awareness needs to be spread
the support needs to be there
faith in God needs to be strong
Some parents may face their worst nightmare
their child becoming angels way too soon"How can this be?" no parent deserves this
it will NEVER, ever be fair
sorrow and pain, yet blessings too
only parents who walk this road
can truly understand how it feels
a hand to hold, God by their side for he had a plan
no matter how hard it is, God makes no mistakes
a legacy made and happy memories to hold
their child's life never in vain
their child's life was full of love
they will always be heart parents
they will always spread the message
Some parents watch their child hit milestones
see the happiness and see the sadness
they feel grateful and they feel blessed
the child is happy, but as they grow they know
they know they are different, special
when they get even a little sick, they feel scared
shots, pokes, check-ups, doctors
it is their life and they know it won't go away
"Will I grow old?" "Will I have surgery again?"
Oh the heart break at questions like these
but the answers are hard
many go like this:"Honey, God made you extra special.He loves you and is with you.know that he has a special plan just for you
and your family will always be here.I love you so very much!"Faith is a road that can be bumpy
these parents know
Others parents watch their child grow to be an adult
oh the joy, oh the happiness, oh the fear
and oh yes the worry is still there
but what does the grown heart child feel
A CHD adult feels thankful and blessed
they know God is with them
they have memories that are dark
that some may not even remember
they have felt pain that should not be felt
but they have love so stronga family that expands to even strangers
A broken heart adult has felt different at times
but feels like any other person
has felt worry and still has worry
lives to the fullest and takes things a day by day
had to grow up before their time
wants to spread awareness
wants people to know
Some are afriad to show their scars
others wear them as their badges of honor
some want to just be "normal"
others are content with the life they have
some need more support
others have all they could ever need
all have accepted their fate in their own way
Whatever the case, whatever the path
when a CHD child is born, the world spins
only those who have been the child
or have been the parent know
CHD's are not fair, but these children are extra special
their smiles literally come from the heart
but most of all they are...F-I-G-H-T-E-R-S~

By: Lauren Celeskey (Feb. 2008)Heart Child 21 years old

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