Thursday, August 27, 2009

6 Months Old!


What are you up to these days??

You weigh around 11.5 pounds

Still in a size 1-2 diaper...the 2's are still a little too big

You wear 3-6 month clothes

You sleep all the way through the night

You LOVE to snuggle in bed with Daddy while Mommy gets ready for work

You are such a smiley face and you smile at everyone you see

You have started sitting in your "Bumbo" seat and you like it for a few minutes...then you're over it!

You sill like to make noises and they are really starting to sound like "ma-ma"

You just had your first "road trip" and spent the night in a hotel for the first time

You are still trying out the baby food - only rice cereal, bananas & applesauce so far

You love to play with mommy's necklaces when I get home from work and scoop you up

You still haven't laughed yet, but I have a feeling it's coming soon

You still sleep in your bassinett in Mommy & Daddy's room

Your favorite toy is a little penguin - you love to chew on it

Still no teeth yet, but they're coming soon

You are still working on sitting up on your own - not there yet

You're not a napper at all! You take 20 minute "cat-naps" a couple times a day and you wear your Grammy out!

You've really started kicking a lot - showing us you're excited

I cannot believe you are already a half a year old! I can't wait to see the little girl you will be. I know that you will bring me joy every single day of my life. Your Daddy and I love you SO very much, Baby Girl!

Look how much you've grown!

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  1. What a little peanut!! She is so cute....the dolls are as big as she is!
    Happy 6 month Birthday Trista!!
    Gramma TJC