Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tubes are In!

Yesterday morning we took Trista in to have her ear tubes put in. It literally took them 10 minutes tops for the procedure...such a piece of cake compared to what we've been through previously with her! The hardest part was not being able to feed her. Her surgery was at 7:49am and we had to be there at 6:15am. So, when we got her up to leave around 5:30 she was ready to eat and NOT happy that we weren't feeding her!

Here are some pictures of her in the little hospital gown getting ready for the procedure. It was the smallest gown they had and still way too big.

The procedure went great...no problems at all. She came home and rested pretty much the remainder of the day. We can really tell a difference in her already. It is very clear that she can now hear much better and is starting to make more noises. All very good news! Here she is after we got her back home. She was SO happy to have her Alimentum again!
Quick doctor update...she now weighs 11 pounds 3 oz. (still under the 5th percentile) and she is 1ft 10.5 inches (under the 5th percentile). Her doctor recommended enrolling her in an Early Intervention Program where Occupational & Physical Therapists will come to our house on a weekly basis to work on her development skills. She is smiling, coo-ing and reaching for toys which is good. We just need to get her strength up...most babies at this age are starting to sit up on their own and Miss Trista is nowhere close to that yet! She'll get there...just needs a little help :)


  1. Keep your fingers crossed for me, we had tubes put in my daughters' ears on Aug. 12th and I am taking her today to her Ped to see if she has another ear infection. She has been screaming and holding her ears, I'm like...are you kidding me? If she has an ear infection this will be her 10th one in 1 year, poor baby. I am hoping it is not and she just has a little bug or something. Wish me luck. Glad that the procedure went well for you guys.

  2. Glad to see that everything went well. Don't worry too much about her being behind. She will catch up! I promise. Kyleigh did not EVER do the "sit, crawl, walk" thing. Honestly I cannot remember her EVER crawling... she didn't sit until she was almost a year and didn't walk until she was almost two (that's what a tethered spinal cord and 2 open hearts gets ya I guess). She weighed barely 10 lb at 6 month old. Now... with all her glorious progress her attitude and motors skills are FAR advanced for her age. Yes... I now raise a 15 year old in a 3 year old's body. Heaven help me!

    Trista will get there!! Sending many hugs and prayers.

  3. So glad everything went well!
    Gramma TJC