Thursday, June 25, 2009

Probe Test Update #1

Here we are - it looks all too familiar! Trista has done awesome. Me, on the other hand, not so great. It was so hard to see her put through all of this again. Just brings back lots of emotions. Here's our new 'digs' for the night! :)

She was of course the star of the show as soon as she stepped foot in the hospital. They know Trista around here and always look forward to seeing her. Here she is 'talking' to the PCA. Of course, this was before they inserted the probe so she's still happy.

This is the guy that did the deed...he was the one who really made Trista mad! The probe was very similar to an NG tube, but much stiffer and thicker. They had a hard time getting it in - it took 3 tries.
So the tube that is in her is also hooked up to this blue machine. Whenever she makes a "reflux look" like gagging, arching, etc. I have to hit a certain button. This monitors what we're seeing an how it coincides with what the probe is showing.
After about 1.5 hours of non-stop crying, she finally relaxed and I was able to snap a shot. She's so wiped out from all of that crying! Trying to keep her from pulling out the tube is a full time job!

I was able to put her in her stroller and take her for a walk which was nice. It put her right to sleep.

That's it for now. I hope to post some more later on tonight.


  1. I am so glad that she has calmed down and gone to sleep. I am praying that all goes well for her and for your mental health. It is so hard to see our babies upset, scared or in pain!

  2. Aww sweet baby.It does make you feel good though,that everyone is so friendly.My little one had 2 hospitals stays in the first 4 months,and we hated to go back,but we were glad to see the familiar faces.I hope everything goes well,still praying for sweet Trista!

  3. Hey Amanda,
    She's just adorable...will continue to say prayers for little Trist and you guys!
    Melissa Bielo