Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Not looking forward to tomorrow...

Just in case you can't read the onesie it says "Party in my Crib 2 a.m."! Perfect for Miss Trista...we always seem to be 'partying' it up around that time every morning!

Well, tomorrow is the day. Back to Children's for yet another overnight stay. She had a really, really bad day today with her reflux so this is good timing. I am really dreading this trip. It's not that it will be all that painful for her, but she's older and it just seems harder now to see her go through things like this. I'm sure she will do great (like she always does) and I will be the one crying holding her hand. UGH!

I plan to take my laptop with me so I hope to be able to send out some updates tomorrow. Until then, I wanted to leave everyone with some ADORABLE pictures of Trista today. Enjoy!

Now, I know I am biased but seriously...could she get any cuter?? :)

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  1. She is absolutely adorable!! I'll def. be praying for sweet baby!! Keep us posted,God Bless!!

  2. Ha! I love the outfit, and Trista looks so incredibly sweet. Trista will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow that everything goes smoothly and the information from the test will help make her reflux better soon.