Tuesday, June 23, 2009

PH Probe Scheduled

I heard back from Children's today and they have scheduled her PH impedence probe for this Thursday. Yes, this Thursday! It doesn't give me much time to prepare, but I really wanted to get it done before I return to work. Did I mention I am dreading the whole 'going back to work' thing, but I am so thankful I work for such a great company that has bent over backwards to be flexible with me. They really are the best!

Here's the scoop. We have to be there at 8am - they will insert the probe which will go into her nose and down to the lower esophogus. Again, this measures the amount of reflux so they can better treat her. This will be monitored for a 24 hour period. She will need to be there all day and spend the night. We should be released on Friday morning.

I don't have any new pics today. We were pretty busy with a trip today to the Aquarium with Trista, Talan, Alec and Jacob (Alec's little brother) then straight to the pool to cool off. They all had so much fun and they were all so good! I'll post some new pictures soon when "life" slows down a little bit!

Say a little prayer that all goes well on Thursday. I'll keep everyone updated.

Heart Hugs!

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