Thursday, June 18, 2009

Long Day

Today seemed like the longest day EVER! Pediatrician in the morning and then GI downtown in the early afternoon and ENT in the evening. Whew! I'm ready for bed!

Here's the scoop on the GI issues. They have switched her over to Protonix instead of the Prevacid to see if that helps. Sometimes this drug is more effective in treating babies. It's worth a shot at this point! They are also going to move forward with the PH impedance probe which is a cathedar that they will insert through her nose that will sit in her esophogus to measure the amount and acidity of her reflux. This will require an admission at Children's, but should only be for one overnight. After that test, we should have a better idea as to the degree in which she will need to be treated.

Now on to the ENT appointment. When we first got there the doctor tried to examine her ears, but was unable to due to how tiny her ears are. So, we had to go into another room where they had to strap her down (literally) and take a real good look at her ears with this crazy looking microscope thing. She was not happy about that at all and she let everyone know about it!

After examining her ears, the doctor gave me "the look" - ok, I'm getting kind of used to "the look"...nothing really surprises me anymore with her! He couldn't believe how bad her ears looked. He was dumbfounded that she was even able to function with the amount of infection and bacteria in her ears. Not to mention the fluid! TONS of fluid! This is most likely the reason she is experiencing hearing loss. So, the fix is heavy doses of more antibiotic (I am now on a first name basis with the Pharmacist at Kroger - ha!) and tubes in her ears. We can handle that. She will have to be under anesthesia for the procedure so the doctor would like to wait and see if she will be needing the GI surgery first - that way they could do them both at once. If she ends up not having the GI surgery, they will go ahead and put the tubes in anyway in a couple of months after the infection has cleared up. The doctor really thinks that having the tubes will correct her hearing problems. Thank you, Jesus! You've once again answered our prayers!

Well, that's a re-cap of the day. The kiddos are sleeping so I better take advantage of it and get some shut-eye myself!

Heart hugs to all!


  1. Hi Amanda,
    So good to hear from you. Oh my goodness! I am so happy to hear that Trista's hearing problems may be only temporary. Poor little sweetie, that ear infection does not sound comfortable but hopefully those antibiotics will kick in soon. By the way, I love Trista's heart journey video, you did such a nice job with that.

  2. WOW! You did have quite the day! At least you got them done all in one day. Good news about the ears. I hope you have a more relaxing weekend!

  3. I left your wonderful blog an award!! Come and see it :0)