Monday, April 26, 2010

Team Trista 2010 - PICTURE OVERLOAD!!!

This past Saturday, Team Trista participated in the March for Babies walk for the 2nd year in a row. It was raining, but it was still awesome! We had hot pink t-shirts made ( are a great company by the way, and we really stood out!!

Grammy embellished Trista's shirt with bows and buttons - she looked so adorable. She is getting really attached to her little baby doll which is so cute and she was holding it the majority of the day today. Sweet :)
Here are some pictures from the walk...

There were 2 Bengals players that came to the walk and we had to get Trista's picture taken with them Now those are some big guys. They were like GIANTS!!!!

Here is baby Sam - he is a little over a month old now! Isn't he the cutest??

Where do you think she gets her curly, fuzzy blonde hair???

An extra special thank you to all who joined Team Trista and sponsored our walk. We ended up with close to 30 walkers and raised over $1,000 total!!!

Speaking of walking, Miss Trista has decided to start pushing her walking toy (baby stroller)!!!! She doesn't go far, but she is definitely trying to figure it out! I walked into the office for a few minutes and when I came back out into the living room this is what I saw...

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  1. Love the pictures!! I love the close up one of you and her laughing...just precious. I did that walk last year and loved it. I decided this year I was going to do something with Pediatric Cancer. Love the pictures though, so sweet and what a wonderful cause to walk and raise money for. Go Team Trista!!