Monday, April 19, 2010

Blog Break

I know, I know, I'm sorry. I keep getting emails wondering if everything is ok. Yes - everything is great. I just took a little break. I really missed all my blog friends but I enjoyed taking some time away and it's amazing what you can get done when you stay off the computer! I was finally able to do some much needed organizing of the kids rooms. Trista's clothes...sigh...let's just say she loves clothes as much as her mommy! Not to mention all the shoes!! So, I went through everything that doesn't fit her anymore and packed it all up and down to the basement it went. She has definitely got some good use out of her clothes since she has been a size 3-6 months for quite some time now!!

I caught up on laundry and dishes and cleaning. I was even able to get my closet all cleaned out and ready for spring. Look at all the clothes I'm taking to Goodwill!
And I spent time with this little gal, my little boy, and a very handsome man that lives at my house (although he has been traveling a lot lately and hasn't been home much)! :-(
Amber, Lexi and I took Talan & Trista on the Easter Bunny Express Train Ride. While it was not at all what we expected it to be, we still had a good time. Here is their picture with the Easter Bunny himself! They both look like a deer in headlights!
Now on to some updates about Trista. She is now CRAWLING! Oh yes...all over the place! The other day I sat her in the living room and went to put some dishes away in the kitchen...about 2 minutes later I heard something behind me and there she was - just hanging out with mom in the kitchen!! She is on the move! She can also pull herself up to stand. It's wobbly, but she still manages to get herself up!

She has 4 teeth now (soon to be 5) and is just as spunky as can be! Another reason why I haven't blogged lately is because of Trista's schedule. It has been crazy to say the least. She has seen a developmental Pediatrician, Aural Rehabilitation Therapists, Speech Pathologists, and on and on. Not to mention her regular Pediatrician who likes to keep an eye on her regularly! We are busy gals to say the least!
She is still doing great with her hearing aids. We still go about every week to week and a half to have her hearing aids tested with her Audiologist. Her left ear still continues to move toward the severe category so they keep increasing the volume in that ear. All in all she's doing great. We're still working on sign language with her. She hasn't signed anything back, but I can tell she's started to understand some words.
I took her to an indoor play area (since she cannot stand being in the sun) and she went on the swing for the very first time. Sorry, it's blurry. I must have been moved when I snapped the picture and of course it's the only one I got of her on it! Figures.
She still weighs 15.5 pounds, but she is definitely getting taller. Still under the 5th percentile, but we'll take it. Next week she will be 14 months old!!! She babbles some sounds like "ma-ma", but mostly just likes to yell. She is enrolled in speech therapy through Children's so hopefully some words will come soon! Oh, and we've also just found out that she's a chronic teeth grinder! Apparently, it's very common in babies with hearing loss. Who knew? :)
Well, that's all for now. I will leave you with this sweet picture of Trista that I just received from Grammy. When I receive these text messages it makes my day!
Have a great week!

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