Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow!

Quick update...

We are pretty much snowed in around here. Since the roads were bad, I stayed home with Talan & Trista. It was so nice - we stayed cuddled up in our PJs all day long! Talan absolutely LOVES being outside in the snow. He will stay out there until his hands are so cold that he is in tears. While he was outside today, I had him grab some snow so that we could make some snow ice cream. Talan AND Trista both loved it! Trista couldn't get enough of it! She's trying to get some teeth on the top, so I'm sure it was feeling really good on her swollen gums.

I know she doesn't look like she's loving it - this was her look like "Mom...GIVE ME MORE ALREADY!! "

This is the face I love to see every day - nose all scrunched up and eyes squinted. Sometimes it's even accompanied with a snort. Nothing better than that. Well, other than when Talan tells me I'm beautiful. Usually it's when he's wanting me to get him something, but I still melt when he says it. I just can't imagine my life without my kids! They are everything to me!

Just a reminder that it is CHD Awareness week, so do what you can to help!


  1. Snow cream! Something every kid should have! Looks like they enjoyed it! We'll see you guys soon for Trista's birthday.

  2. Hey there. Catching up on your blog. The pics are too cute and Trista looks like she's getting so big. Ryan was also tested for Noonan's syndrome so I know it's not too fun getting the blood work done. Hope all turns out well!!