Thursday, December 31, 2009

Quick Update

I wanted to send out a quick update to everyone about Trista. We did get her fitted for the hearing aids and she will need to have them in both ears. We were able to pick out pretty pastel pink ones for her...trying to make the best of it! I'm so excited for her - she should be able to hear soon...we are supposed to get them the first week in January. Woo-hoo! I cannot wait to see how she reacts! I'll make sure to post some pictures of her with them when they come in. Hopefully she will leave them in!

Along with all of her other in-home therapy appointments, Trista will now be visited by the hearing and deafness specialists from Cincinnati to help her (and all of us) learn signing and verbal cues. What amazing support we have. We are so blessed!

I also took Trista to the Opthamologist at Childrens so that they could check her vision. As most of you know, Trista has very droopy eyelids. Official term is "Ptosis" aka "Bedroom eyes" - HA! Great news (finally)...after dilating her eyes which was not an easy task, they were able to confirm that her vision is NOT impaired! Praises!!! They referred us on to a Pediatric Plastic Surgeon for an eyelid lift. Crazy what they can do these days! We should be receiving a call from them soon to set up the consult. I'm just so happy it's nothing more serious. We can handle some droopy eyelids!

Trista turned 10 months on the 27th, so I'm a bit behind on her 10 month update. I hope to do that later tonight.


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