Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gastric Emptying Results

We received the test results back yesterday. Nothing we didn't already know. Trista's reflux has now moved to the "severe" category (it was in "moderate"). Her gastric emptying was slow, but nothing too alarming. Plan of action = nothing different. Yes, I'll repeat it - nothing different. Same dosage of medication and wait. Wait until she turns 1 and see if it subsides. If not, then we will most likely need surgical intervention. Please pray for her reflux to calm down...she is really struggling on a daily basis with it and there really isn't any more doctors can do at this point. Just a waiting game.

Her physical therapists are scheduled to come to see her tomorrow, so I hope to get a few snapshots of her "in action" - HA! Hopefully I'll be able to post them tomorrow night.

On another note, I have once again updated the blog design. If you are receiving this update via email, make sure you stop and check it out. :)



  1. Your blog is really coming along!

    I'll be praying that Trista's reflux gets under control so she doesn't need surgery.

    Logan had pretty bad reflux for quite a while but thankfully we were able to get his under control with a high dose of meds.

    Stefenie, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan Jacks

  2. Ugh... I absolutely hate that sometimes the ANSWER is nothing. Sigh... praying that the reflux gets better and SOON!!