Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Teething Time and VIDEO!

Here is a quick update on Trista. She is in the process of cutting some teeth, so...let's just say...she's a little on the CRANKY side! She wants to put EVERYTHING in her mouth and she doesn't really like the standard teething rings and toys. So, I've invested in a super cool "gummie doll" that she can chew on and I think she will absolutely love it! I'm having her initials put on it too! Here's a picture of one. You can go here to check them out! What a neat idea!

She has really started to show some personality lately...just "talking" up a storm. Here is a video we took of her tonight right after dinner. She likes to play the yelling game and man, she can get loud!!!

Here is a cute pic that we took of her tonight too...

Yes, she is standing on her high chair!

So, we tried out the exersaucer this past weekend. Ok - it's a bit of a stretch, but she looks so stinkin' cute with her little chicken legs hanging out of the bottom! She likes it for a few minutes and then she's done! She'd rather be held...of course!

We also went to a friend's farm this past weekend and had a blast. Talan was amazed at their horses and goats. He's such a little country boy with his workboots on - just like DAD!

That's all for now. Enjoy the rest of the week!

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  1. Trista's video is SO cute! Made me laugh!!
    Such a voice comin' out of that tiny little body!!
    She definately has somethin' to say!
    Gramma TJC