Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Antibiotic!

I took Trista to Children's yesterday for the ENT docs to re-check her ears and as we expected, the antibiotic that she was on wasn't killing the infection. Apparently, she doesn't respond to the "Pennicilin" family, so they switched her to Omnicef to see if that will do the trick. So far, we haven't noticed a difference, but we will give it another couple of days. If this one doesn't work, we will be looking at getting the tubes put in ASAP.

No word yet from the GI docs about her probe test results. Should be sometime this week.
Here she is snoozing in her swing today...so comfy!

I head back to work on Thursday which will be a huge adjustment for all of us. I know Trista will be well taken care of by her grammy, but my heart aches not being with her full-time. She's our million dollar baby (literally), so we definitely need the good insurance that I get at my work. It will be fine, just really hard at first. :(

Everything else is about the same - just enjoying the summer and the beautiful weather today!


  1. OMG I love that outfit! So cute! Your million dollar baby is so beautiful. Thank goodness for insurance! I think we paid $23 for Madison's open heart surgery!

  2. I first have to say how ridiculously cute those leggings are!!!!!!

    I know what you mean... I think Kyleigh, last time we looked (over a year ago) was around 1.4 million.